Iron Age Designs™

Add a Spectacular Impact to Our Trench  Drain

What is Iron Age?


Ideal as the finishing touches for: Public Squares, Streescapes, Parks, Garden Patios, Driveways, and many more!

Iron Age adds interest and artistic value to any project!

Available in multiple finishes, including: ductile iron in natural patina or with special coatings, nickel-bronze, bronze, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Northstar Industries also provides stunning Iron Age Designs through functional tree grates, tree guards, garden fences, and in custom designs such as: Logos, Radius Trench Drains, and Many More!

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Iron Age Trench Drain Grating

Iron Age Catch Basin Grating

Iron Age Tree Guards and Grates


Decorative grates, engineered as designer cast metal trench drain grates, catch basin grates, tree grates, and many more architectural castings; both standard and custom, for public and residential uses.

Iron Age Designs™ grates can be retrofitted to refine existing installations, giving an attractive accent, added beauty, and ultimately increased value as a well-chosen refinement. 

As the Canadian master distributor, we offer the Iron Age Designs™  grates to suit your application; including a full package of trenches and catch basins with locking options, giving you the complete decorative look.

Available in many different sizes and finishes.


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