ULMA Ductile-Iron Slotted Grating MULTIV+150 Series (Load Class E)


The ULMA Ductile-Iron Slotted E Load Grating is an exceptional addition to the MULTIV+150 Series. This premium grating is crafted using high-quality ductile-iron, making it incredibly durable and resistant to heavy loads. Its slotted design ensures excellent drainage capabilities, making it ideal for applications requiring efficient water management.

With its impressive load-bearing capacity, the ULMA Ductile-Iron Slotted E Load Grating provides stability and safety in various environments, including industrial facilities, public areas, and commercial spaces. Whether you need to cover trenches, drains, or other openings, this grating excels in both functionality and aesthetics.

The MULTIV+150 Series perfectly complements the ULMA Ductile-Iron Slotted E Load Grating, offering a wide range of slot widths and load class options, allowing you to select the configuration that best suits your specific requirements.

Invest in the ULMA Ductile-Iron Slotted E Load Grating for the MULTIV+150 Series to enhance safety, improve drainage, and provide long-lasting performance in demanding environments. Experience the reliability and functionality of this top-of-the-line grating solution today.

Material: Ductile Iron

Length: 500 mm
Width: 177 mm
Load classes: E600

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