UNEX – Pallet Track


UNEX Pallet Track, a revolutionary solution for efficient and organized pallet storage. Designed to maximize space utilization and streamline your warehouse operations, this pallet track system is the perfect addition to any distribution center or manufacturing facility.

The UNEX Pallet Track is built with superior craftsmanship and high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Its heavy-duty steel construction can withstand the weight of multiple pallets, making it a reliable solution for storing and retrieving goods.

One of the standout features of the UNEX Pallet Track is its unique roller design, which allows for smooth and effortless movement of pallets. The built-in gravity flow system ensures that pallets can easily be loaded and unloaded, reducing manual labor and increasing efficiency. With adjustable lane widths, you can customize the system to accommodate pallets of different sizes, maximizing your storage capabilities.

The UNEX Pallet Track offers exceptional flexibility and versatility. Whether you need a standalone system or an integrated solution with existing pallet rack structures, this track system can be easily configured to meet your specific requirements. Its modular design allows for easy installation and expansion, ensuring scalability as your business grows.

Safety is a top priority with the UNEX Pallet Track. The unique design features, such as pallet stops and end-of-aisle guards, prevent pallets from accidentally rolling off the track, reducing the risk of accidents and product damage. Additionally, the track system is designed to promote proper pallet alignment and stability, ensuring a secure storage environment.

Not only does the UNEX Pallet Track optimize space utilization and improve safety, but it also enhances accessibility and inventory control. With clear sightlines and easy access to each pallet, you can quickly locate and retrieve the items you need, reducing picking and replenishment time.

Upgrade your warehouse operations with the UNEX Pallet Track and experience the benefits of efficient pallet storage. Increase productivity, save valuable space, and improve your overall workflow with this innovative and reliable solution. Invest in the UNEX Pallet Track for optimized storage and seamless material handling.



  • Select from a variety of track lengths and mounting options to fit your operation’s needs
  • Create an ideal FIFO storage system
  • Increase storage density
  • Reduce fork truck operations
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Reduce damage to inventory
  • Implement a green solution – no energy consumption required
  • Establish a safer environment for workers


  • Available for single or double-deep pallet flow systems
  • Available in lengths from 48” to 144” in 1” increments
  • Floor mounted or supported by pallet rack beams
  • Spring-loaded rear stop to prevent pallets from being accidentally pushed back and falling off the rack

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