ANRIN KE-100-060 Reinforced Channel with Galvanized Steel Edge Rail


A high-tech channel system with all the details for efficient line drainage in private residential construction as well as in commercial construction and urban development. The name comes from the steel or stainless-steel frames integrated into the channel profile. They protect the edge of the channel from damage and wear while also providing stability for the cover grating. This dimensionally stable and weather-proof frame can withstand the particularly high loads in traffic areas, as can occur in depots and on public roads. For variable installation of the channel elements, different types of channels can be combined within the same system. For example, channels with premoulded indents for T, corner and cross connections, or channels with an integrated vertical pipe socket to connect to a drainage system are available.

Product Benefits:

  • 6 mm Thick Steel Profile Frame
  • Corrosion Resistant and Easy to Maintain Closure Technology
  • UNILINK Joint on Both Sides for Installation Regardless of Direction

KE-100 Reinforce Edge Channel Product Specifications

Material: Polymer Concreate

Length: 1000mm [39.37in]

Width: 136mm [5.35in]

Height: 60mm [2.36in]

Weight: 28.88lbs

Nominal Width: 100mm [3.94in]

Joint Formation: UNILINK®– Joint

Clasp: TwistLock fastening

Load Capacity: A15 to E600

Grating: CELTIC, Design grating WIRE, LEAF, Longitudinal–bar grating, Longitudinal profile grating, Mesh grating (MW 20 x 14 mm), Perforated grating, Slotted grating HEELGUARD, Slotted grating MASSIV 32, Slotted grating OvalGrip Design, Slotted grating OvalGrip Design, Slotted grating OvalGrip Design, Slotted grating SW 10, Slotted steel grating and double slotted steel grating, Slotted steel grating MASSIV 32

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